• Tom Henry

Hastings Bar Slapped with $7000 Fine for Employee Breathing

A Hastings Minnesota restaurant owner has been fined a staggering $7000 by the MN OSHA without warning. According to the owner of the bar, Tatia Nelson, this fine was levied after state investigators interrogated her employees about a complaint they received alleging that an employee pull down their mask for a moment when they stepped outside onto the patio seating area. She plans to fight the fine that she feels is unreasonable given the ever changing rules and hoops small businesses in Minnesota are being required to jump through.

Emperor Walz needs to reign in his mask goon squad and stop punishing businesses that have suffered enough already this year. These kind of fines are not only predatory they are a threat to the very existence of every small business in America. If multi-thousand dollar fines can be levied without warning the state then has the power to shut down any business they dislike or disagree with. This kind of tyranny cannot be tolerated. This is only the latest example of why Emperor Walz should be recalled NOW.

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