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Majority of Voters Support Protecting Police Officers

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

A Majority of Likely U.S. voters believe that our country is experiencing a war on police. Additionally the majority of likely voters support law makers creating policy that would classify attacking cops as hate crimes. Statistics coming from new Rasmussen polling on Thursday shows 59% of likely voters indicating they believe there is a war on cops compared to only 43% of likely voters polled back in 2018. The current 59% is up from a previous high of 58% that was polled in 2015 during the last string of black lives matter riots and targeted police killings.

Likely voters are also showing a higher level of support for so called 'Blue Lives Matter laws' that would classify attacks on police officers as hate crimes. 63% of white voters support these laws while 52% of black voters however black voters are much more concerned about a lack of police officers (84%) than white voters (66%).

Quite frankly these laws are long overdue and criminals need to know that when you target a police officer that they will never see the light of day again.

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