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Breonna Taylor, The Truth...

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Contrary to what you may have heard from the left wing media, Breonna Taylor was not murdered by the police. The only person that needs to be held accountable for her death is Breonna’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker. Let’s talk about the lies you have been lead to believe regarding the death of Breonna Taylor.

Lie #1) The Police went to the wrong apartment and had the wrong address on the warrant.

This is so easily provable to be false it’s stupid. The warrant is publicly available and shows Breonna Taylor’s address, name, the crimes she was suspected of, and the types of items the police were searching for. Additionally it included a no knock exemption.

Lie #2) The Police Conducted a No Knock Raid

While the warrant written was given a “no knock” exemption the Officer in fact did knock and announce they were the police. This was corroborated by all officers AND a Neighbor who heard the police knocking and announcing prior to the start of the shooting. Additionally Kenneth Walker, Breonna‘s Boyfriend stated that he did hear knocking at the door.

#3) The Police Shot First

This is False, Kenneth Walker shot Police Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg as they forced entry into the apartment. This was followed by three officers returning fire striking both Walker and Taylor. This was corroborated by Kenneth Walkers own statement claiming that he was firing a “warning shot“ at what he believed to be “someone breaking into his apartment“.

Lie #4) Breonna Taylor was Shot in Bed

Based on the Statement of Kenneth Walker Breonna Taylor was not only awake but she called out “who is it“ to the police that we’re knocking outside. Her body was found in the hallway Next to the location Kenneth Walker had fired at police from. She was not in bed and there was no blood or evidence in the bedroom to suggest she had been struck by bullets in that room.

Lie #5) Breonna Taylor was currently an EMT

Now Breonna Taylor WAS employed by the city of Louisville for 5 Months as an EMT before she was FIRED by the city for undisclosed reasons. At the time she was killed she was working as an ER Tech, which typically require an EMT certification but are there to assist the ER medical staff with tasks. She was not a “uniformed EMT” working the street as most pictures and articles give claim to. This lie by Itself is not huge but when combined with other lies it creates the perfect victim narrative.

Lie #6) Breonna Taylor was not involved with drug dealing

Leading up to her death, Taylor was moving money around for her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover while he was incarcerate, receiving packages of suspected drugs to her house, and allowing Glover to use her residence to register vehicles used in drug dealing and revive packages. Jail Phone Audio recordings show evidence that she had been managing Glover’s drug money. She was involved.

This fake narrative of Breonna Taylor being the ultimate victim of police violence was created by the Black Lies Matter movement to continue to fan the flames of civil unrest in our country. By inciting these riots with lies, BLM is culpable in the destruction. Their Lies will be exposed and the organization “Black Lives Matter“ will be exposed as the terrorist organization that it is.

The truth is: Breonna Taylor was involved in drug dealing that lead to police serving a search warrant on her apartment. They had gotten a no knock warrant signed by a judge but they had the courtesy of knocking and announcing their presence. When the police entered the apartment, Taylor and Walker were in the hallway And Walker fired at and striking a police officer entering the apartment. The police returned fire and unfortunately in the crossfire Taylor was killed by police bullets. While this is tragic and my heart does go out to her family. The perpetuation of the lies by family and the media has lead our nation to the brink of civil war. The lies must stop.

Help spread the truth and Join the Revolution.

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