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Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

President Donald Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court following the death of Associate Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett's nomination occurred on Saturday September 25th, 2020.

The nomination of Barrett comes at a time when America has become more polarized than ever before. Democrats claim it is wrong for Trump to nominate a Justice due to the proximity of the election whereas Republicans feel that it is the Presidents constitutionally mandated duty to nominate a Justice. My belief is that as the President's term is not over and he holds the votes to approve a nominee, it is his duty to appoint a judge to ensure that matters can be settled with a decisive Supreme Court. In a year where fears of election tampering and possibility for election changing lawsuits, it is imperative that these cases have the ability to be heard before a Nine member Supreme Court. This prevents the possibility of a judicial impasse and the ensuing constitutional crisis. The President has both the right, and a duty, to appoint a Judge to the Court.

Amy Coney Barrett has been a staunchly conservative judge since being appointed by President Donald Trump to the Federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals back in 2017. During her senate confirmation hearings Democrat Senators including California Senator Diane Feinstein had a problem with Barrett's Catholic Religion. Quite Frankly I don't know what her religion has to do with her ability to make fair and just decisions. She has always maintained that her religious beliefs are her own and she has not and would not force them on others. Barret has demonstrated the separation of church and state throughout her career. Amy Coney Barrett is a solid candidate that will serve as a conservative pillar of the Supreme Court.

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