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UPDATE: Breonna Taylor File Dump

In a stunning change of events the Louisville Police have released nearly 5,000 Pages of documents related to the officer involved shooting that resulted in the death of Breonna Taylor. This will take some time to go through but we promise to bring you the facts you need to know to understand what happened that night. Shown below are some photos from Breonna Taylors Phone. The pictures of the drugs shown in the center were sent from Breonna Taylor's current boyfriend, Kenneth Walker's cell phone. Walker indicated that he was selling the drugs shown below to various people and talked about the quality of the "1Lb of Weed". This isn't dime bags of marijuana they were moving. Clearly Breonna Taylor was not "turning around her life" like the media claimed. Instead of whoring herself out to one drug dealer she whored herself out to two drug dealing thugs. Well... the results were life changing for her...

Additional Photo's give more clarity to the locations of officers, Breonna Taylor, and Kenneth Walker during the shootout.

Below is a record indicating Kenneth Walkers communications regarding his drug dealing activities.

Photo of Sgt. Mattingly's wallet. You can see where the bullet fired by Kenneth Walker passed through the wallet and into the leg of Sgt. Mattingly.

These images are just the beginning. Kenneth Walker was also a drug dealer. Why isn't he in jail for shooting Officer Mattingly? Was Breonna Taylor involved in Kenneth Walker's drug dealing as well? Did Breonna Taylor sleep with drug dealers exclusively? She sure as hell wasn't "turning her life around" like the media claimed. We will be keeping you up to date on further developments as they are released. Please Subscribe to our Email List to get the latest breaking news regarding the Breonna Taylor case.

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