• Tom Henry

When Does It End?

The violence and unrest that have been seen in the streets of America this summer is unprecedented in recent memory. The nearest comparison would be the Rodney Kings Riots of the 90's or the Detroit Riots of the 60's. Even combined both events pale in comparison to the sheer level of destruction seen across our nation today. In a time when our nation is fighting a global pandemic our economy takes a double hit from billions of dollars in destruction from the rioting. Our country is under attack by lies perpetuated through terrorist organizations masquerading as social justice warriors. They have invented the narrative that police actions in our country disproportionately affect Black Americans and they claim that blacks are more likely to be kill by police than White Americans. These claims are patently false and are an extension of the indoctrination by the left wing media. The percentage of our population that believes these lies is at an all time high.

The narrative of black lives matter is rooted in lies. The first case that comes to mind was that of Michael Brown, the 17 year old Black Man that was shot by Fergusson Police Officer Darren Wilson back in August of 2014. Michael Brown was shot after being assaulting a police officer and attempting to take their gun during an altercation that followed him committing a strong armed robbery at a local convenience store. The black lives matter group claimed that Michael Brown had his hands up and his back turned when he was shot "execution style" by Officer Darren Wilson. This couldn't have been further from the truth. Michael brown was shot multiple times when bum rushing the officer after trying to wrestle for the Officers gun (and firing it) through the window of the squad car, stepping back, and then bum rushing the officer who was already shaken from the assault. This forced Officer Wilson to fear for his life and shoot Brown to stop the threat. At no point were his hand up. To this day at black lives matter riots you will see these terrorists screaming "Hands Up Don't Shoot"... This was the essential lie that pushed black lives matter into the mainstream culture; another symptom of the disease that is American Liberalism.

In the years since this "social justice movement" staring lie, we have seen an ever increasing amount of violence coming from these terrorist groups. They seek to change our behavior by forcing us to conform to their beliefs or else face the wrath of the Left Wing Media and cancel culture. The use violence to intimidate us into silence and submission, rather than allowing their false narratives to be exposed. The black lives

All of this leads to the question... When does it end? When do the lies stop? At what point does the destruction and violence become too much for Americans? How much farther can Black Lives Matter push before we reach a breaking point? We are on the cusp of civil war in this country as a result of these divisive terrorists and the anger of the silent majority is about to boil over. America hasn't just been pushed up to the edge, it has been shoved off and is tumbling ever increasing in speed towards its seemingly inevitable doom below. However there is a glimmer of hope. Americans can chose to be silent no more. They can chose to stand for what is right and truly just. We can rise above the rubble of our cities and take back our streets. The time for anarchy is over. It is now that Americans have felt the call to action more than ever before; for now they see what is on the line, that of our nations very existence.

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